Water Heater Repairs

RG Xtreme Plumbers offers plumbing services and water heater installation and repairs to all in Whittier CA. You can always rely on our highly qualified employees. They will perform their duties flawlessly. We carry 19 years of experience under our belt. Our team consists of highly skilled plumbers who have acquired all the necessary qualifications to deal with the growing and changing competition over the years.

System after water heater repairThe professional plumbers at RG Xtreme Plumbers have the skills, equipment and knowledge to perform even the most complicated water heater repairs or replacements.

We install tank-less hot water heaters. Unlike the traditional system, a tank-less water heating system only heats the water which is immediately needed. Traditional systems are designed to fill up and constantly keep the specific temperature of retained water. The older the heating system, the more energy they need to maintain the temperature of the water. The modern, tank-less systems eliminate this unnecessary usage of energy and thus greatly reduce the energy costs.

One common problem with a water heating system is a leak. Whenever you detect a leak in your home, our flood control system will shut off your water supply automatically. Any heating device, when damaged by water, needs replacement. In order to rescue you from this situation, our company recommends a device that can detect a leak and thus insure that you property will be protected from the flood.

Your belongings are safe, and you cannot experience flooding when we are taking care of you. This is because, apart from repair; we will also maintain your water heating system. However, we can only do this with your help. As soon as you notice even the tiniest problem with your system, you should contact us immediately. These are the lack of or inadequate hot water, rotten egg-smelling water, rust colored water, high-pitched or low rumbling noises and leaks, no matter how small they seem to you.

We are the right company to help you with a water heater repair service needs. Our plumbers can save you time, money and effort. They are knowledgeable and dedicated to providing the best customer care. They attend regularly courses on the latest technologies in our field. You can also trust them with your drain cleaning needs. Call RG Xtreme Plumbers in Whittier CA now at (562) 373-4287. We will be there for you 24/7.