How Hard Water Affects Water Heaters

Tips and Advice from a Professional Water Heater Repair Service

The effects of hard water on a water heater are varied, ranging from the creation of scale to the complete failure of the electrical heating elements. However, the biggest effects of hard water can usually be seen with the utility bill. Increased charges are a normal side effect of hard water. Another by-product of hard water is the sediment which makes its way into water lines and subsequently creates blockages. This kind of blockage is normally hard  to detect and leads to a very expensive repair bills.

Hard water has magnesium and calcium inside, which can be good for the human body,  but these minerals can be costly and damaging to every appliance within a home. One troublesome effect on water heaters will be the build-up of scale. Scale is created by the heating of minerals in water. Particularly calcium, mineral deposits and sediment, all these are the direct result of hard water found in a water heater. As scale slowly builds up, it works to insulate water from the heating effects of a heater.

Scale build-up will cost a homeowner vast amounts of money, mostly because the heater will have problems heating water. On electric ones, the build-up of scale will cause the  heating elements to burn out faster, requiring premature replacement. This is due to the build-up forming around the heating element and creating a heating chamber which will overheat elements. This means the element will burn out while the others struggle to heat water up.

Scale can make its way out of water heaters, and into the supply lines. This results in a blockage somewhere in the line. The scale becomes packed and forms a kind of concrete plug, often needing a professional water heater repair service to fix the problem. The excessive weight also causes the base of a water heater to bulge and even to break or crack.

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